How to use the cervical dilator and 6 precautions

Disposable cervical dilation rod is a medical application device for dilating the cervix, which is mainly used for examination and surgery in obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive medicine.

How to use the cervical dilation stick:

1. Carry out routine disinfection, mainly in the vulva, vulva and cervix area.

2. Open the package and take out the cervical dilation rod, taking care not to contaminate the cervical dilator;

3. Hold one end of the cable, you can use your hands or special equipment products, pay attention to wearing gloves for handling;

4. Place the cervical dilation rod in the direction of the uterine cavity into the cervical dilation rod, the depth is slightly more than the cervical ostium, if you can't put it directly, you can first try to use a small disposable cervical dilation rod to expand first, and then put in Cervical dilation rod (note that you must not force it when placing it, and the cord of the cervical dilation rod must be placed at the vaginal fornix for removal);

5. Insert sterile dry gauze;

6. After confirming the insertion of the cervical dilatation rod, it should be instructed to reduce the activity as much as possible to prevent the cervical dilation rod from falling off. At the same time, it should also avoid bathing, swimming and sexual intercourse activities, so as not to affect the body.

6 precautions for cervical dilatation rods:

1. Pay attention to the routine disinfection to avoid cross infection;

2. Pay attention to the patient's reaction after implanting the cervical dilatation rod. Once there is discomfort, it should be dealt with immediately;

3. When using a cervical dilation rod, do not force it into place, and you should pay attention to the relevant dilation;

4. For patients with special infections themselves, cervical dilators are not suitable;

5. When removing the cervical dilatation rod, be careful to avoid pulling off the cervical dilation rod, which may affect part of the uterine cavity;

6. This product is a one-time use product and cannot be reused. Once the packaging is found to be damaged, it should be discarded directly and cannot be used to avoid cross-infection.

The above content is about the introduction of disposable cervical dilation rods. I hope this article will help you.


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