Pipette tip material

Tips, like bullets from guns, are indispensable accessories for pipettes. Theoretically, the quality of the pipette tip also has a great influence on the accuracy of pipetting, and its importance is not inferior to that of pipettes. However, the status of tips in China is very embarrassing-most users prefer to buy high-quality pipettes at a high price, and are reluctant to use a better tip (this phenomenon is found in universities, research institutes, hospitals, etc. Background units are very common). Therefore, the credibility of the data produced in this case will inevitably need to be discounted-of course, this is also Chinese characteristics.


      At present, the suction tips on the market are basically made of polypropylene plastic (colorless transparent plastic with high chemical inertness and wide temperature range). However, the same for polypropylene, the quality will vary greatly: high-quality tips are generally made of natural polypropylene, and cheap tips are likely to use recycled polypropylene plastic (in this case, we can at most Said its main component is polypropylene). In addition, most tips will add a small amount of additives during the manufacturing process.

Common ones are:

1. Color-developing materials. Commonly known as blue gun head (1000ul) and yellow gun head (200ul) in the market, it is the addition of corresponding color-developing materials to polypropylene (we hope to be high-quality masterbatch, not cheap industrial pigments);

2. Release agent. Help the tip to quickly detach from the mold after forming. Of course, the more additives, the higher the probability of undesirable chemical reactions during pipetting. So it is best not to add additives! However, due to the relatively high requirements on the production process, suction tips without additives at all are rare in the market.


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